About us

About us

About us

One cannot help but regard with wonder all the events that have transpired over the last seventeen years. From humble beginnings to where we are today,HAGAN Sports Pvt Ltd. is stronger today than ever in its history, we do more for our clients that ever in our history, and we are better positioned to take advantage of the opportunities ahead of us then ever in our history.

In explaining our success, I turn to three basic guiding principles, which have help define what HAGAN Sports Pvt Ltd. is today.

Focus. Our company is focused on one and only one goal; customer satisfaction. We have a very clear and coherent service paradigm that clarifies what we as a company are and what we are not. We are committed to providing our customers with top quality products. Our goal is to meet all our customers' needs while still maintaining highly competitive prices. Our focus is to develop a long term relationship with our clientèle. We don't consider our customers to be just customers, but consider them our partners. We grow with their growth and they with our. Hence, we are dedicated to ensuring that there is ample cooperation between us and our customers.

Talented People. A strategy does not define a company's success, its people do. HAGAN Sports Pvt Ltd. long ago realized that one of the most important assets that we have is the vast knowledge base locked in our people. Failing to tap this warehouse of experience would have been a lost opportunity to grow. We have worked diligently to ensure that independent thought and input from all the levels of the organization are used to ensure a proper work processes, flow and expected outcomes that are essential to the survival of the organization. We are proud to say that we have a workforce that is supportive of our mission.

Drive. No organization can afford to rest on its laurels. Everyday offers a chance to exploit opportunities and to remedy weaknesses. HAGAN Sports Pvt Ltd. is always looking towards new opportunities for growth and expansion. Survival in today's fast-paced world depends on our ability to adapt and evolve. We are actively involved in implementing new technologies and manufacturing techniques. Our mission is to be ready for tomorrow's challenges today.

I Believe HAGAN Sports Pvt Ltd. is on the right track because I know first-hand that amazing things happen when you combine a little focus, a pool of talented people, and a lot of drive.


Ghulam Rasul
Chief Executive Officer